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Missing Firstborns.


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A thought strucked me today. Since new expansion is going to take place in Tyria region, and we know for 99% that Zojja disappeared to join this "wizards". I wonder if this can also be the case for one or more of the sylvari firstborns that we haven't met. If I remember well there are 12 and we know like 10? Caithe, Faolain, 4 Luminaries, Treharne, Wynne, Dagonet and Riannoc.

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Would definitely love to see these two tied into a future story somehow. One having joined the wizards, and another having ventured out into the world in search of other sylvari trees. If they ever pick up Malyck’s plotline or Duchess Chrysanthea’s NM court faction again, that would be a suitable time to bring in one of those characters too.

The writers could do pretty much anything with those two firstborn though. The only hint we’ve had about them I believe is an instance I can’t think of that showed one was male and the other female, and suggested one was a light armor class and the other medium. Whether or not the writers would stick to those details I couldn’t say. The instance itself was a bit of an “unreality” thing iirc so it could be handwaved that way. 

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