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Important Question about Dolyaks


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Ever since 2013 I have been wondering if Dolyaks can be compared to IRL cows. If that is the case, what sound do they make? Do they simply „moo“ like every other cow does? Do they have udders that produce milk? And if so, what does Dolyak milk taste like? I think I would be a person who would enjoy Dolyak milk, yogurt or cheese. 

I need answers QUICKLY. Thank you.

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11 minutes ago, Urud.4925 said:

I think they have more similarities with a yak than with a cow. But I don't know what sound makes a yak...

I agree. They look like yaks, which means they'd sound like this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZyocByYHfWM

The Elonian ones look more like a chunky oryx or some other type of antelope, so they'd sound something like this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LfULq9Qsq_I


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Dolyaks are likely related to Ox/Yaks/Cows, because they spirit of the wild for Dolyak is also Ox.  I'd imagine they produce milk that is harvested by Norn in the ranches.


3 hours ago, kharmin.7683 said:

Not sure that I would consider this to really be an important question.

Not all questions about lore have to be huge and impactful. Sometimes it's fun flavor for fanfic.

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