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New Player retired from WoW seeks LGBTQIA+ Guild on Anvil

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          I have retired from WoW after 15 years. I have never played GW2. I am a guy seeking an LGBTQIA+ friendly/focused guild. I am a HS teacher who has summers frees but only weekends free when school is in session. So I need something not too hardcore...yet. Let me know! Thanks for your time.

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Sorry no one managed to see your post for months!  I am part of Twilight Brigade [hack].  We are a very LGBTQIA+ friendly guild.  We have multiple fractal and raid statics as well as a bunch of random events and a very knowledgeable community.  What we normally post in map chat looks something like:

"Twilight Brigade [hack] is recruiting new and veteran players. Our primary focus is to foster an inclusive, LGBTQ+ friendly, community with an interest in Raids, Strikes, Fractals, and Social Events and all CM’s."  

I personally have over the past six months gotten a full set of legendary armor, two trinkets, and a few weapons. I'm also super stoked for when WvW restructuring happens so I can run around with these awesome folks!  Feel free to shoot me a message in game if you are interested or want more information.


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