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23 hours ago, chromodynamix.2495 said:

They are not interactive and can only be countered by EXTENSIVE quantities of stability which few classes ever can competitively equip.  AoEs NEED to be evadeable.  While we are at it, make the Bladesworn Dragon Slash-Boost kills have a shorter hitbox duration - I'm sick of successfully dodging a Dragon Slash-Boost skill and STILL getting hit by it - the game visually gives me the "Evade" visual feedback and I still get hit by that broken skill.  Please adjust it to be shorter in duration.

dodge forward instead of dodge backward, like revenant staff 5, if you dodge backward you will still get hit, because it has a pushing hitbox but an immediate hit box.

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this reminds me of good old tools holo back when shockwave was kittening 600 range aoe ( just stop and think how kittening huge that is, guardian marks are 160 or 180 for comparison )
and the skill was so idiotic it send waves so it went through aegis, blind and could catch tail end of dodges/blocks even when you got the " block/evade " 
the good old days

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