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Please add a Racial Specializations and New Races


Should be Races or Culture Specializations be Added?  

46 members have voted

  1. 1. Would you like new Races, like Tengu, added to the game?

  2. 2. Would Racial/Cultural Specializations be a nice addition?

  3. 3. Would you like Racial Skills to be viable in PVP and on par with Profession Skills?

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I think Racial Specialization and new races would be a great addition to the game. It would allow players to use Racial Skills to be on par with Profession Skills, make them viable in PvP and expand the game so player can create new characters with new races. Racial Traits may buff racial skills but also supporting different combat roles would be nice, substituting a elite specialization.

They could simply have it where if you pick the third Specialization Line to be a Racial/Cultural Specializations, the Adapt unlocks a new racial skill, the Master makes Racial Skill more viable, and the GrandMaster adds a combat Role Support (Tank, Healing, or Boon Support).

What's your thoughts? Please vote and comment. 

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Thoughts?  Well, there are a lot of previous thread on this, so we didn't really need another one or a poll.  Anet has said that they didn't want to make racial skills on par so that players wouldn't be forced into playing specific races.  Also, they have said that there are no plans for adding new races.

Use the forums search feature.  You can read all about it.

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Racial abilities are generally a bad balance idea and so I don't mind that they exist and I sometimes give them a try but in general we don't want more bow/bear scenarios, it's unhealthy for the game, and would basically require them to add a race change consumable for the gem store. People are already unhappy with current balance philosophy, this would make it worse. Specializations would make than worse to an nth degree. WoW racials are always a perfect comparison point, they have always been unbalanced, with the new races they add having some crazy huge advantages, and there are some racials which actually become wasted if you aren't also the right class.

Before EoD came out I was super on board with the idea of a tengu race, but I mean the amount of work going into a new race is insane. Weapon animations, Armor fitting, a whole new zone for their main hub (which I assume would be the domain of winds in Caledon, so no need for a new starting zone too which at least would be less work, but you'd be in a weird spot for starting), voice acting, an organic way to include a new race who technically hasn't been a part of the story in a major capacity to be shoehorned in. I think that's why they went the tonic route with the kodan, and I wouldn't be opposed to similar for the tengu.

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I honestly wouldn't mind something like limited race-specific professions that could be more self-contained, allowing for the liberty of customization without necessarily needing to make them something on par with mainline professions in terms of elite specs or even power.  Also because they could be considered "limited", elite specs for it could be an optional endeavor, or they could be used to highlight particular elements of racial lore in a way that we've never really seen before in the game.

Aside from that, I couldn't care less about any of these options.

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