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True Power Warrior does bad in PvP and here is why.


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As we might have seen. Warrior in its current state might not be too bad over all. It got some pretty good Builds around! However this 2 Builds are highly relying on 2 right now broken or too good things. Condition dmg and Bladesworns Healing.


This Build see play on a full defence line use. Still it could demolish a player within seconds (if he would not clean conditions). This ends up in a Build been tanky plus dealing omega hard dmg at the same time. (Just how a full melee class called warrior should actually work to be fair). Once conditions on mace/sword would see any nerfs this build would be totaly garbage again.


Bladesworn_Defence and Tactics:

This build is hard carried by playing on like 3 (up to 4) healing sources while also gain access to some aegis spam. This build simply wins all 1v1s just by overperforming in terms of selfhealing. Once this selfhealing would get gutted again this build will be also trash tier again.


The rest of Warrior builds are eather just CC spam (Hammer/Dagger, Shield) or actually not that good anymore. This comes cause of Warr back over the years getting hard nerfs to litterly every single power burst skill they have access to (not greatsword and rifle). Especialy Axe got realy hard nerfed and does not see any buff since then (from 3.0 power scaling to 2.0) but also Breaching Strike (while been now at a higher power scaling than before February patch) seems to also suffer a bit. This leads in Warriors actually called power Burst skills dealing the same amount of dmg some classes could just do for free or with side attacks. (around 3-4k dmg) Please A-Net let us do actually meaningfull dmg on onehand Power Weapons again! We complete suffer from doing not and the actually meta-Builds both are just spam carry in my eyes! Just do something! xd

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The issue is that Anet changes metas like how others change socks or underwear,as we discussed already in another topic.

Now you got the following armor sets,where a full set is 6 pieces,let's say 1 weapon and the and another 6 trinkets.

Now add all of these: https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Ascended_armor

  1. Berserker-Zojja
  2. Zealot-Keeper
  3. Valkyrie-Gobrech
  4. Soldier-Ahamid
  5. Harrier-Zehtuka
  6. Rampager-Forgemaster
  7. Assassin-Saphir
  8. Knight-Beigarth
  9. Cavalier-Angchu
  10. Nomad-Ventari
  11. Settler-Leftpaw
  12. Giver-Tixx
  13. Sentinel-Wei Qi
  14. Shaman-Zintl
  15. Sinister    -Verata
  16. Carrion-Occam
  17. Rabid-Ferratus
  18. Dire-Morbach
  19. Cleric-Tateos
  20. Magi-Hronk
  21. Apothecary-Veldrunner
  22. Bringer-Giftbringer
  23. Commander-Tizlak
  24. Marauder-Svaard
  25. Vigilant-Laranthir
  26. Crusader-Ossa
  27. Wanderer-Ruka
  28. Grieving-The Twins
  29. Viper-Yassith
  30. Marshal-Nadijeh
  31. Seraph-Thackeray
  32. Trailblazer-Pahua
  33. Minstrel-Maklain
  34. Plaguedoctor-Nerashi
  35. Diviner-Steelstar
  36. Dragon-Suun
  37. Ritualist-Togo
  38. Celestial-Wupwup

Now all this said 38x13=494+ builds....Now really?

There's not enough gold in Smaug's cave and 10 Elf Lifetemes to keep it up with the constant Metas and gear shifts...

Warrior in every game is the most gear dependent class and I think no one can argue with that.

Condi zerk is good but when you met a cleansing master and his pupil you are dead,no raw damage so they will heal and cleanse you out.

Shoutsworn you get some heal but it costs,your primary hard hitter is the dragon trigger,you need to use it as often and much you can but no adrenaline and the gain rate is slow.

It's okay to have weaknesses in a game is a must but when from 9 professions around 3 is close to useless and your favorite profession is one of them that's when things gets annoying.

The core of the warrior in GW2 is rooting and lately everything have instant break stuns,flashing,sparking,jumping,lunching,etc in a nutshell you cannot properly land anything...Bolas?Dodged...Hammer?Dodged....okay let's get Physical- Bull's Charge,ooopss it got stunned yea ability he is out and immune for a few seconds...and go on who plays warrior knows all of these and even more.

and we told nothing about the kitting professions which one you just cannot cache as a warrior xD and the list can go on

High hopes are in the new update and until then just play for fun even if it's frustrating sometimes xD

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Finally someone mentions that axe isn't quite right, literally all of his abilities are melee damage and not even close to the damage that other ranged and area stuff does, what ruined him the most was that they increased his cd and removed any additional functionality that his abilities had, a total disgrace on the part of the balance team and to be said to be a balance team while it goes on like this for so long.

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is bow better than axe then? right now doing GS axe/axe

i'm only low lvl so i don't know

The one thing i notice is fury is on axe/axe so in theory i could just get fury go back to GS and kill.

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@Axl.8924 No Axe is still a Power weapon while longbow is just condi (aside of longbow 3). Also normal build for PvP would be GS Axe shield while GS and Axe both could gain fury so you crit cap is Like 60%+ Most of the time. Tho this is not the case in Berserk Mode since Arc Divider get No Fury anymore. This makes Arc Divider (Berserk Burst) worse than Arcing slice (core GS Burst) at least in PvP

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10 hours ago, Myror.7521 said:

@Gerebos.1065 U are right but ...... What does gear have anything to do with PvP mode where gear does not Work at all 🤔. But yea as we all know warrior highly relies on numbers Tuning and thats where warr in terms of raw Power dmg sucks xd

Indeed stat values are the same but difference is  power,condi or tanky 😄

Now I am working on a proper stun build but it's amazing how many professions got stun and condi remove in a single skill or trait or prolonged condi remove/stun remove/invulnerability and with interesting Cooldowns

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why power warrior suck?


because for the lack of skills, if you take utility you have no sustain, you take sustain you have no utility

and also adrenaline system suck.

there's no front load damage.

and the majority of damage comes from burst skill, making weapon skill completely garbage.

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Your playing a different game. Spellbreaker is one of the best pvp classes. Works great for roaming too. Gs/dagger/shield. It’s super fun to play. I just go get nodes because it’s hard to loose a 1v1 on spellbreaker. Hell you can tie up 3 people on the team because spellbreaker is so tanky

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@captrowdy.9561 Well it could do it. Just in lower Divisions. In higher ones you are just happy when you could at least win (yes I mean win and not just hold) a 1v1 at all. Simply cause all its skills are very ezy to Dodge you need to play with them and let enemy dodge the "not so hard dmg" stuff to then hit them with "hard Hit" Burst skills. The said point about this is that Burst skills right now hit like a noudle so other classes could Tank them mostly for free like nothing happend while dealing 6k+ dmg with just one Skill themselfs and those ones are often not this easy to Dodge. Thats Just basicly the difference right now.

Warr was Always in the state of the "noob slashing" class.


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10 hours ago, captrowdy.9561 said:

Your playing a different game. Spellbreaker is one of the best pvp classes. Works great for roaming too. Gs/dagger/shield. It’s super fun to play. I just go get nodes because it’s hard to loose a 1v1 on spellbreaker. Hell you can tie up 3 people on the team because spellbreaker is so tanky

low tier pvp gameplay has no right of opinion.

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