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100% crit chance wvw roaming splb.

Fat Disgrace.4275

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is there any point to to build for 100% crit chance as a war for roaming/dueling. i ask this because i look at my combat log after a fight in wvw, whether it is from a zerg or a cloud or just what ever and 90% of the dmg numbers are red (crit hit) so should wars arm for it too? i made somthing up that gets 100% crit chance with 5 insight stacks. is this pointless. what are your thoughs. 


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Runes of the thief and Sigil of Accuracy
After the last patch I had to put on some marauder and runes of the eagle, got pretty bad for a melee damage build while anet kept buffing other things for no reason when they were already broken, It's absurd that with the warrior you have to adjust the build so much just to reach that % of crit, just play A/A and die seeing how your eviscerate doesn't hit critical, is deflected due to weakness, fails due to blinding or because the enemy knows how to walk and dies even more when you finally hit something and do mediocre damage, that is if you are not interrupted by a random cc of the thousands that should not be there, about all those of distance and even more of areas to distances.

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Play defense. With ths current dagger burst pve coeff. bug you got enough dmg even at 50% crit from gear (i.e. zerk). And even without the bug, str spb just doesnt have enough sustain to keep up with the current garbage.

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