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What is the red dot with a palm?

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3 minutes ago, babana.7521 said:

I don't see a place where I can ask this question, its not game related, it is about the user's avatar on this forum the Red dot - top right corner of user's avatar, what is it? Thank you.

You can see the answer when you move your cursor over the symbol, it's a new forum-user.

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4 hours ago, Fyrebrand.4859 said:

Okay, so here's my question: why did they choose that symbol to mark new forum users? Kind of gives off STOP or DANGER sign vibes.

It might not be deliberate.

The default Invision theme (the one they use on their forum) is white and dark blue. I haven't been able to find someone with the new user icon (in a very short search) but I saw similar icons which are blue or green. It's possible that when Anet set the colour scheme for this forum to be white and red it changed everything dark blue to red, including the icons and inadvertently made that one look like a stop sign. At a guess it's supposed to be waving.

I've never used Invision myself so I don't know if there's an option to change the colours of icons individually, or pick a custom icon but if so that would be a way around it.

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