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I need a "book of all books" item to store the miscellaneous books dropped throughout the game.

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Dear Developers and fellow GW2 Gamers,

I want to collect the various books one can obtain in the game. They are mostly "useless" items after one obtains them, and contain flavor and story elements of the game. Often a collection is tied to a book like with ' E's Correspondence ', where one is tasked to find all seven letters of E. It truly pains my heart to get a book, look it up on the wiki and there essentially being told it just takes up a space in my inventory. No harm in discarding/destroying the book. Most books can't be reattained later on after being destroyed. The player gets them once and done. I want to have space in my inventory and i want to keep the books.

Therefore my petition: Either create a "Book of books" Item, which acts like a portal tome, where the books can be stored in, or give the Home Instance a library the player can work towards to unlock or gets for free, where the books can be stored in.

I hope this doesn't fall on deaf ears and gets picked up by the developers.


Thanks very much in advance. I await your responses.

Prophet of the Void, 15,07,23

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I've been finding myself achievement hunting more and more ever since I found out that dailies stop giving points at 20,000. Some of these happen to involve books so, I think a personal library would be a nice touch. Bonus points since some of my characters are noble.

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