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God Save PvP

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As time goes on, the direction taken with balance changes are lessening the enjoyment of the game mechanics. Its probably a headache dealing with game balance and it can never be perfect. 

However. Some of these changes made over the past couple years are very questionable. 

For example. Electric Discharge trait on Elementalist. 36 damage? really..  Or Rev's Surge Of the Mists- 9 damage? I get surge of the mists has CC baked into it but 9 damage? bro. 

Team just seems out of touch. Killing builds that existed for years. Like core condi engi. Recently they nerfed tools of all trait lines, removing the cooldown reduction from tool belt. Now you can only burst once every 34 seconds with incendiary ammo to do 50% of the damage a Catalyst can pull off.  3k damage over 9 seconds once every 34 seconds is so bad.. And what's up with Rifle? weapon is so outdated and useless, yet they go around adding more Auras to signets on Ele.. 

The meta is so defined. It would be really cool if they would undo some of the changes to mechanics that were class defining. When a player is using a core spec like condi endi, or fresh air ele. Just have the trait lines refresh to their prior functionality. And if a player decides to use an Elite spec, then provide the nerfed variants of the core traits. 


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