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Whats the new meta for Mech


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The safe option would most likely be Healer Alac Mech because there arent many healer queing, at least for Fractals. And you mainly have to keep your team mate alive while providing alac without caring too much about DPS.


Condi Mechanist can work as well but it isnt an easy build to play contrary to popular belief carried by non Mechanist player.


Power DPS Mechanist is just trash

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Don't take Heal alac mech to fractals, it have low amount of stab (1) + don't have ress (your too much depended on qdps to take ress+stab)(and if you miss qucikness cuz of missposition, your heal 1 spam is halfed)

you need to have target to hit, outeriswe your boons strugle, what is problematic when your team rush tought mobs

qheal scrapper is much prefered option for that, thx to ress, stab, superspeed (carry for jumping puzzles, skiping mobs, using portal device to tp team), and blasting might/quickness while moving,

Ham is good on stationary target like raid/strike, wher you have druid or other ress support as secound healer, ham stugle in 5ppl content, especly when your qdps suck


I recomend Condi Mech DPS



for Power mech, thinks can change yet, once we get hammer from scrapper

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