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Requesting a new game mode. Core only SPvP, with all weapons available like the beta.


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This would be the perfect balance to pvp

No class stacking in this game mode.

No elite spec trait lines to balance. With just core and all weapons, this game mode can be balanced in just a couple patches - as long as the community is listened to.

F2p players would have access to everything needed to be totally competitive.

It would give free players a glimpse of new weapons and maybe entice them to buy expansions, free players would possibly spend on skins.


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Just now, Stallic.2397 said:

I don't know about balanced by it would be fun 

It wouldn't be balanced at the start. But would be wayyy simpler to balance over a few patches than what they're currently working with, especially once all the weapons are available, it's going to be a nightmare 

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