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CMC seriously stop dude this is not funny anymore


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I mean no disrespect but I am seriously salty on how broken catalyst and elementalist in general has been over and over again in pvp. This needs to stop the game is not enjoyable anymore. The bias toward elementalist and catalysts are insane and to think that we have to complain about it every patch...

Please stop it's not funny anymore.

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9 minutes ago, Downstate.4697 said:

Cmc doesn’t read the forums. Man only goes on when bosses tell him to. 

none of the devs read the forums. only the forum mods interact when their feelings get hurt. anyone else notice how low the placed pvp in the forum selection? The 3rd and 4th most active forums being placed in 7th and 8th in this Discussion section alone, nearly at the bottom of the page after all the other promotional clutter. pvp/competitive isn't something the current visionaries want to focus on. 

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8 hours ago, Kodama.6453 said:

Stopped playing this game some months ago. Best decision ever.

logging in on the forum for the "update" 

-6 Guilds 348 active veteran players +217 new players $210 minimum weekly Gemstore spending.. transitioning into a fun competitive game-

They were frustrated with the direction Anet was headed with the game and no longer Trust Anet...unless they overall the game including their company. 

I completely agree and reminded them that Anet Philosophy of Balance is to be blamed as well.


Also, blaming on person for the Toxic state of Guild Wars 2 is not the problem. It is the Toxic Philosphy and Mindset including those who promotes and encourages  it... are the problem. 

Logging Off....Until than

"What Goes Around, Comes Around"

Expect The Same Cycle To Rinse and  Repeat




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