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The lore of GW2


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Hello everyone.
I was always a big sucker for lore in games like this, i like to know what's going on or even in the events that led to certain outcomes.
The world of GW2 looks like very colorful and vibrant but i was wondering, and i often miss this in these games, if there any dark, evil lore, adventures, characters in this game to be discovered?
I don't mind the colorful and vibrant world but chaos and shadows are also important to keep a balance i think.

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Most of the game is pretty dark. The colourful stuff is just a front to be honest

examples with spoilers kept to a minimum:

- Dragon corruption of civilians in general. The land is ravaged from the Dragons and the tine is very dark and dismal at times. Chaos very much sums up the world for most of the game. 

- One race historically experimented on another and two others warred with each other in the first game

- The lore for Elona, Joko, and the Awakened is very cleverly written, but with a deeply unsettling undertone

- The lore for the last HoT raid and the lore for the Dhuum raid

- HoT itself is not a happy, uplifting place. And the depictions of death and corruption are quite intense. 

- Icebrood Saga episodes 1-4 move from lovecraftian horror to civil war with some quite graphic scenes

- Insanity from demon corruption and hallucinations

- Destroyed cities, burning villages, npc deaths

I could go on, but if you want dark, chaotic and in places very hard hitting, it’s there in abundance.





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Ascalon too, especially the Ascalon Catacombs dungeon. There's been at least two magical genocides there, both with on-going consequences, in addition to the Dragon Brand which is horrifying in it's own ways. That reminds me, there's some individual characters with dark stories too, like General Almorra Soulkeeper.

You do have to bear in mind the game is rated Teen in America, 12+ in Europe and probably equivalent ratings in other regions so they're never going to directly show you anything too disturbing, but sometimes alluding to an event or telling you it happened and letting you imagine it can be just as effective.

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ArenaNet tends to save the grimdark stuff for the worldbuilding and side stories. The main storyline is pretty colorful most of the time, with Heart of Thorn, Long Live the Lich, and Whisper in the Dark being the darkest the main story gets. But open world and side story stuff, you have things like Draithor doing life sacrifices of traveling merchants in Kessex, or Bria in Iron Marches stripping people of their souls and using their bodies as puppets to house her Shade minions.

I do think GW1 had darker tones overall than GW2, like GW1's description of the Scarab Plague (bugs being digested through the food, resulting in parasitic burrowing, laying eggs that warp the bone as they grow, and eventually burrowing out through the skin - would be excruciatingly painful and horrific to watch at any moment of the parasite's lifespan). I guess part of it is that GW1 was fairly text heavy, while GW2 is more visual and audio focused, and there's something about using your own imagination to truly horrify yourself that simply seeing some gritty graphics doesn't do.

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I went into GW1 blind, literally had only read the box before diving in. I know it’s over a decade out as far as spoilers go, but  


Once you finish the tutorial, the Charr use black magic to essentially ravage an entire country, killing characters you’ve interacted with and driving the ‘good king’ mad with rage to the point of throwing out his own son and becoming (eventually) genocidally xenophobic

The gameplay is definitely better in GW2, especially the competitive play, but the world of GW1 was far denser and just better than what came after. In both highs and lows, darks and colors, themes and writing, etc., it just had much more depth and nuance and worldbuilding

if you want to go for the darker elements, try the first game. Especially Nightfall for the story and aesthetics, Factions for the classes (and PvP but there’s little chance you’ll be able to actually experience it these days)

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