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Are Trophy Shipments still a good conversion today?

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As I need to replace a lot of T5 & T6 fine materials after a crafting spree, I wonder if Trophy Shipments (from LS4 https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Trophy_Shipment) are still a good way to get those, compared to buying them straight off the TP (or a by-product of making Clovers).
The wiki says they have an average value of around 1.7g, so investing 1g (+ free volatile magic) looks like a good conversion. But is that really based on the TP value right now (or old data)?
You see, I am bad at interpreting the wiki numbers. Please enlighten me.

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Trophy prices did sink so Tophy shipments are a worse deal, then they were before. They are however still the best way to spend volatile magic. If you plan on using the material, then it does make no difference at all. The sinking prices of Trophies just mean the monetary Value of volatile magic did go down with them.
The information on the wiki is up to date. The value of 1.73 Gold (bid)  and 1.82 Gold(instant buy) is the price to buy the materials. In your case that is the gold you don't need to spend, when you buy Trophy shipments instead of buying it of the TP. With the 1 gold cost of the trophy shipment, the 250 Volatile Magic for a shipment is 0.73/0.82 Gold saved.
Now if you want to make profit from selling the Trophies you would need to account for the 15% TP Tax.  So that would be (1.73g * 0.85) -1g = 0.49 Gold or (1.82g * 0.85) -1g = 0.55 Gold earned

As long as you don't need volatile magic for something else it is 100% worth it.

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