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reaper build for people that die a lot


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i was watching a few YouTube videos and came across some comments saying they die a lot. so i thought i would show this build. so this is for the reapers having a hard time enjoy http://gw2skills.net/editor/?PSwEE6MssAGDjiVxGxTZqrZD-zxQY1g8PRFXwZEhCoVJgPHAA-e you will not die a lot anymore. to be honest you could use any gear you like just use the trait lines and skills

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Before making a build for it (and this one is pretty bad btw), every newbie reaper needs to understand what shroud 3 does.
66% strike and condi damage reduction for 6 seconds is some serious tanking power.
Problem is many ppl will go straight to fear part which immediately disables this awesome defensive option.

As for your build. Defenses aren't bad (though dagger is the go to weapon if you're running blood magic), but your offense is terrible.
23% crit chance means 77% of your hits aren't crits and two outta 3 attack stats (precision and ferocity) don't do anything.

If you're running both Death Magic and Blood Magic i would honestly veer more torwards condi build since it needs much less stats to get off the ground.


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In my experience, at least as far as open world is involved, you can survive just fine with the raid build, substituting CTTB instead of golem for boons and burst (combined with YAAW). Your build has good defence, but so little offence that it actually makes encounters much longer. Your best defence as a Reaper is your offence (plus blinds, shroud 3 etc), after all your enemies cannot hurt you if they're dead. 

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