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Virtuaso cant use clone


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11 minutes ago, munz.6513 said:

ok, so Virtuoso no clone for this class, but after i select Chrono, still not able to spawn clone. 

you need to have a target (an enemy for the clones to attack) to spawn clones as a mesmer/mirage/chronomancer.

As a virtuoso, you can stock blades using those skills even without a target.

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13 minutes ago, munz.6513 said:

Btw i saw few trend mention mesmer using staff much more better is that true ? or just a myth ?

Since you seem to be new, I'd recommend checking out Vallun's "one build for all game modes series"

So you have a good build to copy that will let you do all the content relatively well.

Then later on when you're familiar with the class and game more, you can make your own builds, or follow more focused builds for specific game modes like the ones from snocrows, hardstuck, or metabattle.

But really, it depends on the type of player you are. Some people would disagree with my advice, and they would say that learning on your own as you play is better. And yeah, that's a good idea too, unless you don't play like that.

When my friend group decided to play GW2, I have this friend who refused to read online guides and wikis and was dead set on learning GW2 on his own in-game. He quickly fell off in terms of power and at one point couldn't actually join us in fractals because he didnt have enough ascended gear to resist the agony mechanic. On the other hand though, he had world completion of core tyria, and had completed the most jumping puzzles etc. Essentially, you can play how you want, and the best advice we can give you depends on the type of player you want to be. In general though, Vallun's one build for all game modes is a safe choice to follow.

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