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[Suggestion] Allow Daredevil to Dodge in-place


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2 hours ago, LyraOrpheo.8450 said:

I feel this would be great for all forced movement like Death Blossom, let it be something that we control and works for us rather than a weakness. The difficulty should be on the enemy not our own characters.

This might get a little busted with Pistol 5, Dagger 2 invisibility combo if it were for all forced movement skills.


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This was requested a lot by Thieves and they finally fullfilled the request by giving it to Revenant.

I'd also love Death Blossom to be changed to allow WASD movement during it like Warrior's Axe Spins but alas we are unprivileged. Always hated the skill change between GW1 and 2, the leap ruined it. Was such a nice AoE in 1.

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