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Two big design mistakes that bog down Bladesworn.


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Bladesworn feels real bad vs regular mobs after removal of Daring Dragon's functionality to spam it at cost of damage.
And that brings me to the topic at hand. There are two big issue that irk me about current version of BS:

1. Removal of old Daring dragon which countered the problem of backloaded damage vs trash mobs.
2. Grandmaster traits should not be traits at all.

They should be in combat choices. Does my Dragon Slash heal, become unavoidable or can i use it again without cooldown if I got the flow for it?
These should be things BS decides right before he charges his slash. Distinct animations for each type of slash would serve to balance this freedom out in competitive.
If you don't charge it, it sucks anyway. If you charge it - enemies get a clear visual cue of what's coming.

Traits could handle the boons with small mods to Dragon Slash where needed.

Immortal Dragon - protection + resolution + stability.
Unyielding Dragon - might (like now) + Fury
Daring Dragon - alacrity, max charges reduced to 5.


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I would prefer them to complete rework Bladesworn or the gunblades weapon skills.

1. Let the AA Chain actually do somewhat DMG.

2. Rework its second skill to a rifle 3 spread shot skills (used like Rifle burst skill but ways faster and you can move while using it). 

3. Rework this to a ranger like hilt bash Animation and let it Deal some DMG.

4. Use the gunblade to Block attacks (Like Ranger Greatsword 4 but without the sweap Skill)

5. Let this be as it is but it now Deals dmg on the starting and ending area of this Skill. 

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I will argue until my dying breath that bladesworn should have entered DT when using a dodge or movement skill with no CD on DT and only CDs on the individual skills. Then current daring dragon makes sense, because the mechanism of access allows for repeatability (less than old daring, but still) already.

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or speed up the animation of every slash on bladesworn decrease the amount of charges while decreasing dmg (1 sec should be baseline to get fully charged, in pvp dmg isn't problematic so it should be left untouched) and MAKE IT MOVEABLE

I think even better would've been having DT1 DT2 DT3 as f1 f2 and f3 they would work as chargeable skills (as mentioned above) 

Also I think that bladesworn should get condi variant because literally every single e-spec in the entire game has them, don't know why anet can't just put some damaging condies on gunsaber and call it a day....

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