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[Bug] Scholar's Pack credited instead of Agent's Pack.

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I have just completed the final part of the HoT story on one of my characters, finishing the Scholar's Pack achievement. This opened up the Magister's Pack achievement. But when I got to the Durmond Priory and try to interact with either Arcanist Braccae or Explorer Holly I got the following message: "I'm sorry, but my wares are for Priory members only".

So I checked my personal story, and I had picked Order of Whispers on this character.

Why did completing the story on a Whispers character complete the Priory pack collection? It should have completed the Agent's Pack achievement instead. I do not have the Agent's Pack achievement finished, it still requires me to complete the HoT story on a Whispers character.

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55 minutes ago, Hesione.9412 said:

@Inculpatus cedo.9234 this is not directed at you.

Fantastic. I thought I only needed to worry about my original order choice for my characters. Now I have to go back and make sure I have chosen three different selections for that part of the HoT story, otherwise I can't finish all the packs. Sigh.

Yes but they are correct that is what happens.

And yes you have to do it on 3 different characters and pick 1 pack on each.

You will have to do the same with raise the banners of amnoon too.


So its not a bug just a old player choice that you forgot you did, I had to log on a different character to buy the whisper ration to finish my collection aswell earlier this week.

Hopefully you have 1 character of each order otherwise you have to level one up for the other collections bud.

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