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[bob] Looking for 1 gamer to fill up monthly Automated Tournament static roster, no rank requirement, just will to learn and improve in group


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Hello fellow gamer, as title mentions, this post is a player finder request,
we are looking for friendly players to fill up our ranks in dedicated monthly tournament group after departure
of 2 members, which went to fulfill their IRL goals.


If you are reading this, you are probably already dedicated enough to find a team aswell, 
all right, let me introduce you to our team biography:

Our team name is Damage Sponge Strategy [bob],

We are a group of players, friends, which are training together and participating in daily and monthly tournaments
for over a year now. We are not a tens of thousands of games god gamers, but we are fully dedicated to our task,
which is improving to level where we can compete for mAT finals. 

We are not rating people by their ranked badge,
we simply want people to be willing to learn and improve together in a group. Over the duration of the
static, we got to a level where we can realibly compete against pug groups of any skill level, and against
mid-level static groups.

In a group, we do a previous matches analysis, duel/kiting/mechanics trainings, meta-craft comps and builds,
and contribute in tournaments and 5-man unrankeds or duo rankeds as often as we can, in first months,
we did ATs 1-3 times a day, but over time, we aproach with the "play smarter, not harder" ideology.
Our primary communication method is discord, including a voice call in matches and trainings.

Over the time, we gained access to lot of social connections in community, including god gamers, from
which one became our team Coach (Crae Ryrr), which helps us with game reviews, trainings, and live-coaching games.


All right, information about us is more than enough, now what we require from you as a candidate.

First of all, be willing to spend months training, and improving, be contributing as often as you can,
obviously IRL stuff happens, and we dont request you to be online 24/7, just be active when got time.

If you are a one-build or class enjoyer, we dont shoo you away, but over the time, we learnt that to
compete for the highest spots, a build variety is a strong skill one can get, so we would recommend
at least trying out other builds for few games to get basic sence of them, 
this allows for better team composition, but aswell improve your ability to counter such builds.

Voice call in games became necessity for us, and we require your will to join calls,
if you are shy, dont worry, over time, it gets better, and you dont need to talk at first,
can simply join call and lisen.

And lastly, we require a positive attitude, we are not looking for superstars that think they are better
than anyone else, this might sound harsh, but its main cause of many teams collapsing, and in first few months,
we suffered concequenses of people like that,
but this doesnt mean we dont accept criticism, in fact its the best tool to help with improving,
so feel free to mark out any team mistakes, just dont missbehave.

Since we look for 2 people, if you got friend willing to join aswell, feel free to recommend them,
but if you are alone, all good too.
   Looking for just one now, second slot got filled.

We would be happy to have you, 
if you are interrested contact me trough discord message, my discord name is miiroto ,
or send me a message or mail in-game, my tag is miiroto.3672 .

Thank you for your time, and see you in game,

Miiroto and the Damage Sponge Strategy [bob] team.

Edited by miiroto.3672
One slot filled up already.
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  • miiroto.3672 changed the title to [bob] Looking for 1 gamer to fill up monthly Automated Tournament static roster, no rank requirement, just will to learn and improve in group

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