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Separating contesting inner and outer keeps


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I'm wondering if it would be an interesting twist if you had separate contested states for inner and outer walls of keeps.  As mentioned in another thread that would allow waypoints in the inner keep to continue to function until the inner keep itself was attacked.  One effect would be to prevent lone players from disabling a waypoint just by interacting with an NPC guard outside of the outer walls.  It seems to me that a waypoint inside the inner keep should not be affected by a single player interacting with an NPC.  It would also allow a longer window in which defenders could arrive when the keep is under attack, unless of course the attackers set up siege to initially hit inner, which is possible at many keeps.  That usually requires siege placement at least a little distance from walls.  This would only apply to T3 keeps as they need to be T3 to have a waypoint.

The motivation would be to prevent a single enemy player from easily disabling a waypoint and thus make T3 keeps into a "bigger deal" to attack and defend.  It would be easier for scouts to waypoint in to check whether outer was really under attack or just being tapped.  The clear disadvantage is that it would be more difficult for small groups to attack T3 keeps without enemy players waypointing in to defend.  But shouldn't a T3 keep be difficult for a small group to take?  It might result in more large fights at T3 keeps when an enemy zerg is rampaging through a map by providing a rally point for scattered players.

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Interesting idea.



But shouldn't a T3 keep be difficult for a small group to take? 

You would think, but apparently most people think something that took 3 hours to upgrade outer defenses needs to be broken into in less than 2 mins and the lords room turned into a circus for 20 mins. 🤷‍♂️

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I like the idea. it already came up, when thinking about a way to turn back the "no-participation from walls" disaster we have now (like awarding participation only for repairing walls from broken to 49% or awarding participation for repairing inner walls and not outer walls - although I would prefer the first idea).
Siege warfare would benefit from attacking walls not point blank range at the base of the wall. In the early days, a lot more attacks were made from afar with Trebs on the borderlands to soften up the defense, like Trebbing Bay from the tower or ruin, hitting the depot. Today, way too many balled up catas close to the wall and abusing splash damage.

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