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Forming Guild on TC [PvE]


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Hey all, looking to form a new guild on Tarnished Coast before going into the next expansion. Would like to create a PvE guild focused on new and returning players working together to do PvE content. I recently came back to the game after 3 years and have had trouble finding groups to play with who want to do older content and various PvE content.

My account is roughly 9 years old and I have a lot of things unlocked and things I am unlocking/saving for a Guild Hall. Would love to find a good group to claim a hall with a build up a guild so that we can do content we have either A) Missed out on or B)New to the game and want to/need to run old content.

It will not be just about old content as I would like to have a group ready to go for the new expansion coming out.

A bit more about me:

I love doing PvE content but also casually doing arenas with a group or at least a partner. I am also interested in role playing and would be open to centering the guild around a role play concept if there are people interested in that.

I have about 15 characters on my account and recently have made a new Mesmer my main character and replaying the story (almost done with Path of Fire). I play consistently on week nights and weekends and work a typical 9-5 but currently off work for another two weeks and can really dedicate time now to forming and starting the guild.

You can DM me here on discord if interested or in game at the username: Himbo.5392

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