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You Kmow There WAre Issues When????


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Hacking people have their own guild. 

We are fighting against jade quarry this time around.

We were killing a group of enemy (equal numbers) and suddenly ones that just released (one i had just stomped included)  were joining the fight again with reinforcements.

The fight just north of NE Tower Alpine Lands. 

Red waypoint is bottom East of the map. It literally took the ones that just released maybe 10 seconds to get back from their spawn waypoint back into the fight alongside their reinforcements.

Smells of teleport exploiting.


I wish I could say the name of the guild. Seen so many suspect actions from that group. 

But their name Reminds me of an old tv show i heard of... the something and Stimpy show. 

But yeah. When they have their own guild in wvw it us an issue. 

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