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Do Gen 3 Legendary Variants require you to do the entire chain for every weapon, or just the first one?

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Just made my first Aurene Legendary weapon, and there's something about the variants I'm not clear on. For say the Primordus variant, I have to buy 4 scale splinters, combine them to unlock a collection, then complete the collection to unlock the ability to buy an Uncharged Fragment of Prismatic Fire, which I have to charge by clearing Dragonstorm, then use the now Charged Fragment to unlock the Primordus skin for my weapon. What I want to know is if I make a different Aurene weapon afterwards and want the Primordus skin for that one too, do I have to do that entire chain all over again, or will it let me skip to buying the Uncharged Fragment since I already unlocked the ability to purchase it from the first time?

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