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Death's charge not registering hits


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What's up with Deaths charge sometimes not registering all hits or none at all? It's so frustrating to use it from the melee range only for it to miss completely. I haven't discovered regularities yet when it misses and when it doesn't. Not to mention how it messes me up in PVP. How does it work and how can I avoid this?

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Depending on the hitbox of the target, the movement portion of the skill will stop outside of the hitbox causing the skill to miss the first hits. The skill in my opinion is also wider than it is long which gives a lot of strange interactions where charging directly at the target misses the first hits, but charging slightly off to the side of the target will clip them with the side of the skill.

There are two ways I've found to use it in pvp. Obviously it makes for a decent gap closer and the last hit is an aoe that hits the hardest out of all the skill hits and applies the blind. Or you can use it as a dps skill by standing inside of your target and using it point blank while the target is slowed or not moving.

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I'm not 100% confident of this, but it seems like the hits all pile up in the final hit if you don't get them to register during the charge portion.

The reason I believe this to be the case is purely based on the damage I've seen it do when this happens. In solo open world, it hitting for 20k in the final hit with max might and vuln on the target *feels* right, even if it feels wrong that no damage accumulates during the charge animation itself. And if that is the case, seems like the issue is purely one of game feel. Feels bad for that whirling charge to do nothing until the final tick.

Someone with more time and care than me could probably go and test this; to reiterate what I think is happening: The damage is registering, but the damage isn't shown until the final hit of death's charge.

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I've been noticing this as well, it's incredibly satisfying when it works but when it doesn't work (vast majority of time) I'm left wondering if that forgotten damage is frontloaded into the final swing that always hits or if Reapers are losing damage entirely. Spectral Grasp also only works half the time, considering taking it off tbh. 

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