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scepter weaver a thing for raids and pve and fractals?


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I was curious if anyone has tried scepter weaver for condi instead of sword if it underperforms.

I got condi armor so i'm kind of in trouble now and need something to make condi weaver work


I don't know well enough on weaver i haven't practiced enough.I've done some with sword and while i kinda get the rotation:Fire(earth/fire) fire/water-Fire-earth/fire/water fire and rince repeat to get as much fire ticks on enemies as possible. OH and using earth bleeds to get condi unless i'm missing something.


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2 hours ago, Axl.8924 said:

ok thanks so when folks say sword is hybrid power that means:support weapon as well? or just means meant to play both power n condi?

It means it can utilize condi and power, although the current meta is power sword.  You can use condi or hybrid builds for sword, but they are weaker (for group content DPS) than the straight power variant.

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