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Small capacity single objective mini maps


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I was thinking about possible ways to address some of the issues in WvW in a way that would be relatively easy for the dev team and came up with one idea for one issue, not sure if it has merit or not.  I'm already bracing for the inevitable "if you want balanced PvP go to sPvP" comments but will forge ahead anyway.

One way to address the number imbalance and larger-zerg-wins issues would be to add some very small maps with a single objective (or possibly a small number) and a low population limit.  For example you could add a map with max 20 players per side population limit and a single objective on it.  That would allow smaller scale battles in which all sides could max out their map limits so you could have even numbers of players per side.  It is still WvW and not sPvP because it is still fighting to take and hold objectives with trade offs in the allocation of players between maps and objectives but it escapes the biggest-zerg-wins bias by utilizing low map population limits.  It also provides a context for guilds or squads to have even contests without leaving the WvW system and playing without pips.  If done right it would provide a focus of conflict that could help the players that just want fights to find each other, especially on more sparsely populated maps.  Perhaps be a little like SMC but without the largest-zerg-wins issue.  Maybe make it a post-apocalyptic scenario where SMC is in ruins with many of the walls and gates permanently destroyed and let it be a free for all in the lord room.

You could have more than one objective if you wanted a mini-WvW environment with a relatively small population limit which would reintroduce some of the allocation of resources aspects of play with less of a dominant zerg dynamic.

I'm not sure if you need a special incentive to get teams fighting over a single objective when there are many objectives between the four maps, or if just having the option for a fight in which you are freed from the numbers issue would be enough.

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