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Boons console tactic


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By way of addressing the discontent with the current boon balance situation, I would suggest that a new tactic be created that adds a training dummy style console that allows you to select what boons will apply within the borders of an objective.  The selected boons would be applied to friend and foe alike but would provide an even playing field that neutralizes some of the advantages of group composition and boon balls.  If everyone in the battle has maxed boons then the battle depends to a larger extent on the skill and coordination of the players rather than group composition.  This would put pugs on a more even basis with opponents that are running boon balls and would introduce all sorts of new strategies.  As a bonus, we could preview what play will look like once the current all-boons-all-the-time direction of WvW is going gets to its logical conclusion.

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I had suggested to do this as squad buffs.

It would only help pugs a miniscule amount because they still wouldn't have the appropriate tools to deal with boon balls.

There wouldn't be new strategies, the only strategy for wvw now is run your boon ball into the enemy and bomb until one is dead.

But yeah might as well have boons on all the time since that seems to be what they're aiming for anyways.

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