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Power Soulbeast-what rune?


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21 hours ago, Pyroghor.6394 said:

Hi, I'm currently running around using Superior Rune of Infiltration, but I wonder if I can equip Superior Rune of the Citadel. Is there anyone that use those runes, or some else besides Metabattle suggestion. Thanks!

Depends if you're talking open world map roam or end-game content with groups.

  1. In open world you want to be able to self sustain buffs like quickness/fury/might, along with self mobility. If you're talking power builds, I would suggest running Rune Of The Pack for the supplemental boon duration and extra boons it procs.
  2. In end-game pve builds for fractals/raids/strikes, there will be dedicated support builds that do the healing/cleansing/boons for the DPS builds. In this case you want to stat a power build for raw DPS, like Mic said, Rune Of Scholar. You want Force/Impact sigils, pure Berserker gear, and every trait that just pumps raw DPS values. The supports in end game will give you the fury/might/quick you need to put the raw DPS values to work.
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