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Zeph Kite Basket icons disappear from map/minimap when Siege Turtling

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[Alt title: ZKBs scared of siege turtle 🙁]

I'm looking at the map+minimap.  I see the little Zephyrite Kite Basket icons.  Hello icons!
I mount up on my Siege Turtle.  After a second, all the ZKB icons disappear from both the minimap and the overworld map.
I dismount.  All the icons reappear.

I asked in map chat and someone confirmed that it's happening to them too, so I don't think it's just me.  The ZKB icons also disappear when you're mounting a friend's turtle.

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Just to +1 this and add a bit more info, this also occurs with all chest icons in Gyala Delve (probably other maps too, but it's most noticeable there because you spend so much time mounted on the turtle during the meta).

If this happens due to how the mount is coded, it may be related to a similar bug where the turtle is the only mount that removes held bundles when mounting up? They're both situations where things work as intended for all mounts except the turtle, so it's possible there's a common cause.

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