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[ Skill Bugs ] Mech Barrier Change + Scourge Corpse Yank issue

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It seems that the barrier given on auto attack by Mechanist Mace has been removed (was removed in last patch, not today's, with no patch or preview notes. I thought maybe it would be fixed in today's patch). And Barrier was added to Mechanist Mace 2 (again not in the patch or preview notes) I do not see it mentioned anywhere. Was this intentional? And if it was, can we update the patch notes please? If not, please revert. 🤍


It also seems like the Scourge corpse yank ability is counting players that aren't downed against your target total, so you are unable to pull downed players if 5 other non downed players are closer to you, or if your subgroup is not downed and you try to pull someone from another sub. The skill goes on cooldown and they are not pulled. I don't believe this was intentional, and makes the skill extremely unreliable without the previous pulsing pulls.

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