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Bronze/silver/gold chest for Boss blitz issues


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I have done this event twice today, first time we got gold - i got only bronze and gold chest, so i did it again this time we got gold again, this time i got 2 silver chests, NOTHING else. I have played this festival before, if you got gold before, you got silver and bronze aswell, whats happening?

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That's normal. 

You never got all the chest. 

What happened the first time is that you got a gold for the completion and a bronze because it's the first one you did on the day. 

For the second one, you probably got silver for the completion, and not gold, and you got silver because it's the second time you did it. 

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well i just did it for the first time today, and i got only bronze and gold - the first day i did it twice, the second and third day i only did it once, how many chests should i have then? because i have 3 bronze,2 silver 3 gold.


That is not how i remember it working atall....maybe i just did several a day before and didnt notice, it used to be more popular and you could stay in squads for a while organising efficient gold runs, this year its crickets

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Seems correct. I also did not notice any changes. You get bronze/silver/gold - depending on how the players perform in the Blitz. The other 3 are repeatables (for the first 3 Blitzes each day you progress a daily achivement where it has 3 tiers ... first always bronze, then silver, then gold). Similar to Holo Stampede that - afaik - you can do 10 times just for extra coffers. (But nobody plays it that often lol.) In Dragon Bash.

Edit: Look here: https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Daily_Festival_of_the_Four_Winds

for the "Daily Bonus Rewards: Boss Blitz".

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