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PLEASE make 600 boon radius standard across all professions in PvE!


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This would make would make maintaining boons on the party so much easier, especially in fights with a lot of spread out mechanics, and we wouldn't have to crowd into such a small pile, ranged DPS could actually fight at range, and not having the whole party concentrated in one spot overlapping a million abilities would make mechanics so much easier to see.

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This "stacking up regardless of range" phenomenon isn't actually unique to GW2. You stack up in other MMOs all the same whenever you can. It's simply the more efficient thing to do as a default behaviour as long as beneficial placed AoEs exist. The only difference is that those other MMOs usually just don't allow you to or make it less efficient due to spread mechanics.

I agree that increased boon range would be a lot nicer to play with. Granted, that alone isn't gonna kill the stacking-game. Other than that, it might even be somewhat boring once you just stand at range, essentially never moving unless you have to drop something off at the edge of the boss arena, but I suppose that's subjective.

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