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Juvenile Siege Turtle Bug

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Trying to test out different pet options in the aerodrome I found that the baby turtle's "Hunker Down" does not proc the traits that effect all other pet F2 skills. These traits are "Rejuvenation" and "Invigorating Bond" in the Nature Magic line, which add important boons and healing to Beast skills (except for the turtle's).  This bug means that the ranger cannot access the aoe Regen, Vigor and Prot from these traits while using this pet which is especially relevant as this is one of the only ways Ranger can access projectile destruction.  Please fix this bugged trait interaction.

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2 hours ago, Gotejjeken.1267 said:

This traits been bugged with a few pets, Fern Hound is another.  

These traits do work with Fern Hound it was the first pet I tried. Out of all of them the only pet who did not apply the boons was the turtle.

(edit) They are seemingly lower duration on Fern Hound than other pets now I have double checked so I guess it's bugged there too differently.

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