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Skill Bug - Grappling Hook in SILENT SURF

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I do not know if anyone else is having this issue but whenever i attempt to use the Grappling Hook skill on the highest platform in the boss arena in Silent Surf, no matter whether i hook to the floor of the platform, or one of the edges, the hook 100% of the time pulls me to the platform, and then just before id reach it, the hook vanishes (no matter how close i try to stand, even when on the very nearest edge of the main platform) and instead of landing on the platform my character bounces off the side and dies.

Something is wonky with that platform. All the other ones function fine.

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Aye, just spent 5h doing the CM trying to get the title ach, and every time someone got that platform and tried to do it, they got bounced off and died, thus failing a number of runs just due to the platform jank.

They don't even have to lower it, just add a small ledge step to the right of the mushroom to aim for with the hook and then jump up to the platform from. Something that guarantees consistent approach, instead of relying on weird angling of the character momentum.

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