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Magi's Intricate Gossamer Insignia

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22 minutes ago, Blanche Neige.7241 said:

What's going on with this?
In 6 hours, the supply went from 5000 to 0 and the buy price jumped from  46 silvers to 150 golds.
Someone got inside info that this will be in high demand in the next expension or what?

holy crap what?

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1 minute ago, jason.1083 said:

Yup, and now all the Magi stat weapons cost a fortune as well, I'm no expert but this is either some extreme Trading Post price manipulation or the game having a hiccup and effectively consuming all the currently sold Magi gossamer insignia. Shame I didn't have any myself... 

on the other hand it has indirectly buffed dungeon and fractal running rewards

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The main source of acquisition is salvaging them from account bound exotic armor drops from fractals, making supply very limited.

It would certainly be more healthy for the economy if Anet made Magi and other "salvage-only" stats craftable instead.

Ultimately, 5000 insignias isn't a lot of supply and there are many individuums that can buy 5000 of them at an average price of 1g, leaving us with the result.

That being said, Magi gear isn't that useful of a gearstat that you would want to stack it all over your armor, more of a fillerstat for healing builds and there are generally sufficient stat-selectable trinkets available to make people not reliant on this price spike like for mystic coins. Unless for some extremely warped reason, SotO requires Magi insignia for something (which would be an extremely dumb move), I imagine the price will drop to below 1g within a month, simply due to lack of demand for buying them at the price of multiple gold. Whoever bought some for 150g is honestly just a shortsighted fool.

If I had to guess, someone made a stupid connection between Wizards and "Magi" gear, talked some friends into it and then they just cleared out the supply.

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