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Quickness (and alacrity) generation


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Recently, Scrapper got a change nobody asked for as far as quickness generation goes. Instead of spamming gyro off CD, we now have to use blast or leap finisher into a field (regardless who dropped the field thanks god) to generate quickness. As a result, I think it is possible to keep up quickness and save our function gyro for....well you know, its original purpose.


I'm not here to discuss whether it's a good or bad change, there's already a topic on that matter in the Engineer section however, the last patch introduced this :


Now, I'm not going to complain that "hurr he runs full berserker and is able to keep up quickness", that's not exactly my goal here and other profession are actually able to do the same. However what others professions have to do unlike Herald here is actually playing, casting skill. 


So I'm just going to ask you Anet. What are you trying to achieve with these changes ? How do you justify that in order to maintain a 100% [insert boon here] duration you have:

-one profession that does that passively (heck I could say AFK at this point)

-one profession that spam skills off CD

-one profession that has to pay attention to whether it stands in a field or not and then use the appropriate combo finisher.

Here we have 3 ways to achieve the same result but one does it with 0 effort, another does it by just clicking skill when its ready and the last one has to actually pay attention and save relevant combo finisher.


What are you expecting from doing these changes exactly ? I just dont know what to say really, I aint even mad at the current state of Herald, I just dont know how the same balance team is able to put in the game a spec that generate a boon by forcing the player to use combo field and at the same time, release a patch that allow a spec to generate the same boon by doing literally nothing.



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Agree that the change on herald are completely busted , some specs have to run diviner/ritualist to have the good boon uptime , herald is just overcapping with nothing .

I stopped playing scrapper after the blast/combo for quickness , why impairing myself to do weird interaction , pay attention on combo fields , use skills (who are normally not used for a dps : aka hammer 3) in my rotation ?

If you compare herald to other specs who are dps quickness like the harbringer ... this one generate fury/quickness 3 secs every 3 secs ... can harbringer have the same kind of love herald have , like 1 sec of quick every 1sec and +240 concentration while on shroud , herald pulse quick every second 100% of the time if you play it correctly , harbringer does that 15 secs each 25 secs... ofc you have potion of quickness but it's like 6-7 sec quickness with a 25 sec cd.

Think a lot of people complained cause on htcm the herald had holes in quickness on people doing mechs (like portal virtuosos and Ham), wich i agree was annoying , but that kind of change could be applied to any alacrity/quickness provider then . I mean +240 concentration and 13% of power convert into BD , thats huge !

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I sort of like that quickness generation here looks so passive, that should make it easy to balance too

If they made it the same on all professions for their quickness/alac then it would be easy to balance it so you needed full celestial or something to keep it up

Also, 600 range should be the standard, let people move and dodge and end stacking

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