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Specter Wells Feel a Tad Clunky


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I was playing Specter in open world for the first time and I thought that the Well utilities felt bad to use; or "unfun" and slow. 

Most of the wells have a 3/4 second cast, with the 2 exceptions of silence and bounty at 1/2 second (assuming because they're support oriented and not offensive), and gloom at a full second (as healing utilities tend to be).

I imagine these casts are this long because of the shadowstep aspect of it, but I would argue that makes them even worse. Most thief shadowsteps are instant, and with as much mobility as thief has, the shadowsteps feel cumbersome rather than helpful to me. I would much prefer if they worked like Necro wells- if the shadowstep aspect wasn't there, I think I would even be fine with the 3/4 second cast. It would feel a bit more natural to me.

If the shadowstep must stay, I think it would be better if the shadowstep was instant, and the well had a delayed activation of 3/4 to 1 second. It would flow much better, imo. Or, if it cannot be instant due potential broken teleporting shenanigans, give it a projectile travel time (shortbow 5, infiltrator arrow equivalent) or give it a 1/4 second cast at the most.

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I feel like I have good response time mostly with Wells, even when it's a quick reaction and not just acting ahead and stepping along a lane with them for everyone to roll over. An instant cast Well with shadowstep would be a wild killer, especially with Infiltrators Strike and whatever else. Wells would be lame without the shadow step unless you want to make them a ranged leap and shift some heeling to the new version mechanics or something else. 

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