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Testing PVE builds

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Not sure if there is any enviroment (in pve) that you can do that. Personally, when it comes to testing and mostly for boon duration, healing scaling and final stats, I use the:  gw2skills.net/editor/gw2 . Going there you just put the gear you want, the runes and sigils, choose the build and then hovering over your skills will show you the said info.


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I usually craft my builds with the editor from gw2skills.net. Once I have reached my goals with stats:
- When I just need a field-test for data collection only, I go for green or rare gear from TP and the runes+sigils. Depending on the price of the upgrades, I can use a BL kit to get them back.
- When I am certain about my build, I go with exotic stuff - which is sufficient for 90 % of the endgame content.

Statswap on the go works with:
Blood Ruby Backpack
Blood Ruby Pedant
Blood Ruby Band (one normal and one attuned)
Mist Talisman (two, they are not unique)

So I only need to take care of the armor, which is imo easier to obtain. I usually use Bladed Armor Boxes (Verdant Brink, Heart of Thorns) and  Warlord's Armor Boxes from WvW. Both have stat-select. I use those for expensive parts and buy the rest from TP.

If you just want to mess with stats without using sigils, I can also recommend Bloodbound weapons.

Another cool option for Dagger, Sword, Shield, Scepter and Greatsword are the Caladbolg Weapons. You can obtain multiple of those. Each can be exchanged into a different weapon-type, which comes with a stat-reset.

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