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Mesmer could use some love


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With the recent balance patches and changes done to mesmer in general i get the feeling Anet doesn't really grok the pain points of mesmer. Now players "balancing" a game is a recipe for disaster so instead i decided to focus on current bugs/weirdness or inconsistencies in the class without focusing too much on possible solutions. I don't expect Anet to fix everything but some of the feedback consists of adding or removing some text from a tooltip. That should not be too hard.

This is coming from a PvE perspective.

General bugs and textual weirdness

Things that just don't work as they are supposed to work or were the tooltip text can confuse someone unless they actually go out of their way to test in-game how things work.

  • Mind stab (greatsword 3) interrupts skill casting. Normally skill interrupts is only done for defensive skills like a heal/evade or for dazes/stuns. Mind stab doesn't do either yet it interrupts skill casting. This makes power dps builds for mesmer harder then it should be.
  • Sword of decimation (virtuoso utility skill). On June 27, 2023 a patch was released stating the cooldown of this skill was reduced to 18 seconds yet it still is 25 seconds in game.
  • Thousand cuts (virtuoso elite). The "target arrow" for this skill uses a shield icon. Sending thousands of blades isn't really a shield/defense skill. This image could use an update.
  • Phantasmal force (illusions trait), the tooltip in this trait specifies a radius but the might from this trait isn't shared and the distance to the phantasms/clones doesn't matter. This looks like a typo.
  • Delayed reactions (chrono trait), this trait says: "Disabling a foe slows them, disables include stun, daze, ..., and taunt". Yet our only taunt skill (illusionary defender) doesn't trigger this trait.
  • Chronophantasma (chrono trait). In the tooltip it is said that this trait does 100 defiance break. But the daze happens to the phantasms and not the current target. While explained in the tooltip description this could be confusing and easily misinterpreted.
  • Signet of humility (moa signet). This skill does 600 defiance damage yet the tooltip doesn't specify this.
  • Well of precognition (chrono well). It specifies it gives stability in the tooltip but it isn't made clear this stability only applies to the caster.

Skills traits that are inconsistent

A list of things that technically work as intended but in practice doesn't.

  • Mirror blade (greatsword 2), skill priority is weird. See
  • Well of action (chrono well). This skill would be more useful if for example it pulses might with the final tick adding fury as a bonus. For example well of precognition is a good well in my opinion, the useful things are pulsing with a cherry on top if you stay in the well, there is no loss if you have to move. Well of action is the exact opposite of this where everything is added in the final tick. This makes the boon uptime from this skill highly dependent on how much movement the fight has.
  • Unstable bladestorm (virtuoso shatter). This skills works on condi-virtuoso and only on condi virtuoso. I'd rather have it reverted to a defensive or utility focused shatter instead so it works for all builds.
  • Healing prism (inspiration trait), a 10 second delay between heals means this trait either heals when everyone is fully healed or when you actually need the healing it is on cooldown. It would be better if this is replaced with regeneration or some other heal effect with a short interval.
  • Temporal enchanter (inspiration trait). For null field and feedback it's fine but for portal and especially veil it would be way better if the effects of this trait are triggered when someone interacts with the glamour skill. Veil is just a thin line which makes it annoying and unnecessarily complex to proc this trait with that skill.
  • Illusionary membrane, chaotic persistence (chaos minor traits). Both traits improve our stats when we have regeneration but mesmer doesn't have a single skill that gives regeneration. The closest is renewing oasis trait for mirage or the chaotic transference trait in chaos combined with chaos armor on staff. Also see healing prism from earlier for a potential solution.
  • chaotic tranference (chaos trait). The regeneration you could get from this trait has a 15 second internal cooldown and gives 5 seconds of regeneration. Even with 100% boon duration this is not enough to upkeep self-regeneration via this trait. This internal cooldown seems a bit punishing for what it does, theoretically it could be completely removed because the only other skill mesmer has that grants protection, echo of memory (shield 4), is on a 30 second cooldown. In instanced PvE a healer that provides protection would also provide regeneration so dropping the  internal cooldown won't make this trait too strong.
  • Malicious sorcery (illusions trait). Increases the attack speed while wielding a scepter but this speed doesn't stack with quickness. This is especially confusing now that mirage gets quickness on the scepter ambush attack. So effectively this trait is nothing more then a 20% cooldown on scepter skills which is quite underwhelming for a grandmaster trait.
  • all's well that ends well (chrono trait). Does exactly what it says, but as everyone that ever ran heal-chrono in open world knows is that everyone you meet will dodge out of the well before the final tick losing all healing potential this trait has. The same feedback as with all chrono wells, make the important part pulsing and add a small bonus at the end for class-identity.

Personal annoyances

Things that in my opinion could be better with some suggestions about how they could be improved.

  • blast finishers, With all the ethereal fields we have some chaos aura combo's should be possible but mesmer is lacking blast finishers. We only have 1 that is delayed by 3 seconds. Mind stab or chaos armor are in my opinion good candidates to add the blast finisher effect to. It would solve some problems with support mesmer because with shared chaos aura we can at least give some  protection/regeneration, even if it is random. This would also allow us to blast fire-fields to give might just for old times sake.
  • clones and thrash mobs. Especially in fractals and with boon support builds being tied to shatters or clones it's annoying if the clones disappear because that non-veteran mob died in 0.83 seconds. My suggestion would be to rework malicious sorcery (illusions grandmaster) to "Illusions (clones, phantasms) target the nearest enemy when their current target dies". It fits the illusions trait line and even fits the name of the trait.
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