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Proposal for the griffon

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Skill Name: Air Rise

The griffon will be able to reach dizzying heights and perform aerobatics by completing a blue energy bar while running at high speed. This ability will allow players to soar into the sky and enjoy the freedom of flight without being dependent on any other mount.


Skill Mechanics: Upon activating the "Air Rise" skill, the griffin will start running and a blue energy bar will appear on the screen. For the griffin to take off, it must travel a minimum distance, which we will call "x" meters, while filling up the blue energy bar.

Minimum distance "x": The distance "x" will be calculated in such a way that it is neither too short nor too long. It will be challenging enough that players have to find a suitable space to take off, but also not too difficult that the ability is inaccessible to most players.

Blue Energy Bar: The blue energy bar will fill up as the griffin runs and performs aerial stunts such as spins and low-to-the-ground maneuvers. The more stunts the player does, the faster the bar will fill up. Players will be able to visually see the progress of the bar, allowing them to adjust their flying style to reach higher altitudes.

Height and Speed in the Sky: The height to which the griffin rises and its speed in the sky will depend on the level of the blue energy bar at the time of takeoff. The more full the bar is, the higher the height reached and the speed sustained in flight. This will reward skilled players who can fill the bar to full before taking off.

Dive and Super Speed: During flight, players will be able to perform a controlled "dive" towards the ground, which will temporarily accelerate the griffon and activate "super speed" upon re-touching the ground. This will allow players to perform exciting maneuvers and fast and fluid flights, adding another layer of skill and excitement to the flight mechanics.

With this ability, players will have the opportunity to feel like a true griffin pilot, mastering the art of flight in the world of Guild Wars 2. Also, by not relying on any additional mount, players will be able to access this mechanic from the moment when they acquire the tap, which will encourage exploration and enjoyment of the landscapes from above.

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