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[Nwah] (NA) [USA/AUS]


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[Nwah] A group of Shady Skooma Dealers are seeking outlanders interested in going through the process of leveling up a guild.

(as of writing this 07/19/23 : Founded one week ago, 37 members, Level 8 guild hall in Gilded Hollows.)

18+, only seeking mature and level-headed individuals that play this game to have fun. If you like to spend time getting upset about losing or people struggling, this guild is not for you.

I am actively working toward recruiting in all time zones currently with our admins based in UTC -6, -7, -8 [USA] & +8, +10. [AUS] Good luck figuring out what that means with daylight savings time.

We provide references to communities for raid training/statics/LFG in our discord, and do not support gatekeeping. If you believe you have a guild or discord community that wants to spread awareness or LFM for particular events, please contact me and I will advertise your services. I have primarily found most game modes I participate in covered by various discord communities, thus leaving my in-game guild slots for more social and specialized options.

We are open to collaborate with other guilds for community building and potential alliance updates, including but not limited to cross-guild representation. PM me.

May you walk on warm sands, Muthsera.

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