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Changes to med kit are nice, what would make it WAY less clunky is changing cleansing field to instant cast, and infusion bomb to 1/4 second.


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i wuld not change infusion bomb deley, as it's needed for qdps/qheal blast gyro in order to provid might+quickness

if you make it explode too fast, most ppl will miss thay window to utylize combo field, or will require to use combo field before infusion bomb

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Cleansing field is already an insanely powerful skill outside of Raiding and Strike Context. Making it instant cast would cause more issues in those modes and give a minor subjective benefit in PvE related content. 

The Timing on Infusion Bomb is also subjective, its a strong defensive still but you're mainly just slamming it in PvE to get that drug  quickness going. Yes if you pair it with the instant cast Medkit 3 then it becomes a viable face-roll rotation to speed up the group, but just ruins the flow of gameplay if adjusted. 

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