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Discontinued Support of -usecoherent, -dx9, and -dx11 Command Line Options

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  • ArenaNet Staff

Hi all, I want to share an update related to graphics-related processes we’ve been working on.

Following up on our news earlier this year, we have completed the rollout of DX11 support and removed support of DX9. We have also discontinued Coherent support as part of our move to Chromium Embedded Framework. This means that the -usecoherent, -dx9, and -dx11 command line options are no longer functional. They will be removed in a future update.

We are continuing to track and investigate bugs related to these updates, so please keep reporting bugs that you find—we really appreciate it! Please note that the more information you share, the better. The first thing we have to do when investigating a bug report is recreate the problem for ourselves in order to take a close look at it, and the details in your bug reports are very helpful for that.

Thank you!

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