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macros on a controller with Steam Controller config

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I sent a support ticket to the devs and unfortunately was told to just make a post on the forums. Here is basically what I sent: "Hi there. So I have chronic pain and have found a comfortable way to pretty fully play guild wars 2 with an Xbox controller. There are a few issues with it and would love to see some actual support added to the game, but I had a question about macro use. This feels like it could break the no skill chain macro policy, but I wanted to make sure since I would be pressing the button 3 times as opposed to once and they all go off at the same time. I will be using Herald for an example: if I'm using a keyboard I can activate and consume Facet of Light, Darkness and strength simultaneously by pressing all the keys at the same time which is very easy to do on keyboard. On my controller, i cannot do that with the limited number of buttons. So, can i make almost a cycle command where i press one button and it would cycle through keys? I hold down the left trigger and press the start button 3 times to activate the 3 skills in order then 3 times again to consume it" Hopefully this makes sense

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