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Suggestions to New runes to not make them "Pick 6 or else you're doing it Wrong" and preventing stat bloat.

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As Runes are being compensated for the lost of their unique 6th Tier bonus, what remains would lead to some questionable Design issues if runes were to follow the same raw-stat tier bonuses.
For example; Durability Runes currently

  • (1): +25  Toughness
  • (2): +5%  Boon Duration
  • (3): +50  Toughness
  • (4): +10%  Boon Duration
  • (5): +100  Toughness
  • (6): +10% Maximum Health; grant nearby allies  protection and  regeneration for 3 seconds and  resistance for 1 second when struck. (Cooldown: 20s)

With speculation based on the sheer work needed to adjust all the current runes, it would be wise for the sake of development time to do the following for the 6th Bonus

  • (6): +125 Toughness or +15% Boon Duration

Raw stats and boon duration are welcomed, but it does bring in the issue of too much stats being offered for the player. The issue of always needing 6 runes to gain the stacking benefit also remains with this design. To promote more build options and designs, runes should lose their set-bonuses and instead offer their effects in incremental amounts

Durability Runes

  • +30 Toughness
  • +2.5% Boon Duration
  • +2% Maximum Health

This allows less room for 'error' when it comes to newer players creating builds, as its now viable to have each rune slotted to be different without losing overall combat effectiveness. It also encourages more unique and fine tuning of builds where players can use Specific attributes of runes to reach that 100% Critical Rate or maximize supportive boon rotations. More importantly the overall power budget of Runes remains the same (With some outliers to prevent odd numbers, this case with the extra 2% Max HP on the Durability Runes) 

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They really should do this overall now that there is even less incentive for having a full set of six. It would introduce modularity back into a currently non-choice system that arbitrarily splits a single obligatory bonus into six pieces (which means six times the gold/grinding for a singular bonus).

Modular runes are absolutely the way to go post-relics. And, keeping their multiple stats features ensures most of them still have an identity while making them distinct from single-stat infusions.

This is such an obvious, necessary followup to relics and maintaining meaningful gear choice design that if the devs don't do it what the kitten are they even being paid for.

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