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Is there a list of current Design Philosophies?

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I always had it in my head that GW2 was designed with the following philosophies in mind:

  • Old gear, skills, content, etc, all stay similar to how they were on release
  • No, or very minimal powercreep, with everything that's released always staying relevant in terms of power level (horizontal progression)
  • Variety of content, like JPs, Guild Missions, Adventures, Races, etc
  • Less focus on combat rotations, and instead more on interesting ways to play, like environmental weapons, combo fields, and racial skills

I can't remember where I read the first two points, but I'm sure I did, as they were big points that got me to start playing in the first place. What's weird though is that I've seen other posts and comments from devs that contradict these philosophies (some of which didn't play out), like increasing the level cap, and releasing Ascended gear. And the variety of content thing just seemed to disappear with EoD.

I know this is difficult to do, because how do you keep everything feeling the same yet also give veterans actual content to play? The only option with this would be to release a ton of new content all the time, which ANet doesn't seem to want/be able to do, perhaps because they're wary of thinning the playerbase too much across all the zones.

So, it's great we got the more recent Balance Philosophy, even though it's a bit disappointing that it goes against some of the original design philosophies. For me though, it's still really helpful to know why things are the way they are, even if I'm not thrilled with them (though I still absolutely love this game).

SO, as per the title, my question is: Is there a list of current Design Philosophies? Or are ANet thinking of writing up some more? I would love to see reasons from the devs as to why there are no new JPs, Guild Missions, Races, etc.

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I don't think they've ever said that old stuff would stay similar to how it was when it first released. They've said that maps and other areas of the game will never be obsolete and players will have reasons to return to them, and that they wouldn't add a 'gear treadmill' where new stuff is always stronger so players are constantly having to upgrade. But I can't remember them ever saying older stuff wouldn't be updated.

Also there are jumping puzzles, races, adventures etc. in newer maps. Gyala Delve (the most recent map added) doesn't have any jumping puzzles but not all maps do, especially meta-event maps, but it does have 4 adventures, one of which is a race. EoD maps have 2 jumping puzzles and several mini dungeons, as well as more adventures and races. I think the only thing on your list which hasn't been added in a while is guild missions, but those were all added in 1 or 2 updates and haven't had anything since then, so that's not surprising.

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