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2023 - New 4 winds decorations - They Do Exist!


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Did i miss a post about this ? (link please) can't believe no one commented on this yet.- just rememberd to look myself. didn't see a post yet.


So i looked and saw 4 things

a griffon rental post - 100 lanterns for griffy rentals. Wow...

 Seitung Bridge - 20 lanterns (i bet this is over by the cave entrance by the waterfall - where this dec is ripped from in IoR)

yep it the tiny bridge size https://i.imgur.com/A4ln7l9.jpg

Canthan Garden Wall - 10 lanters (before crafting  thumbnail look like IoR guild hall walls.) yep dats what it is (and slightly smaller)




Canthan Stair Bridge. - 25 lanterns  ( i haven't made this  decoration yet, but i did fly around Seitung Harbor to look where it might of been ripped from and this seems like a good bet)




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