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New relics also have huge impacts on equipment templates

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now the relic is also another major buff, then you will have to have different equip template for quick swap between relics beside runes.....
equipment templates need new features to quick swap relics instead of new templates for different relics.
You will need additional sub layer combination > e.g hotkey 1 + 1 = rune A + relic A, hotkey 1 + 2 = rune A + relic B. (within one template) or something better.

It's the same pains as warrior that was suppose be the weapon master, i have to have multiple similar equipment templates to swap between dagger/shield+GS. dagger/shield+hammer, axe/shield+long bow, axe/shield+riffle etc... It actually become worse when you using legendary items, and swapping out only one weapon that you have to reset the whole weapon stats+infusion where preset ascended weapon is one swap. It need at least a sub-option to re-use previous history weapon set before.

extension to others item of sub layer combination > e.g hotkey 1 + 1 = template A + item A, hotkey 1 + 2 = template A + item B, item is any one weapon/relic/sigil etc, up to 8 sub items can interchange within a equipment template, or something better than this.

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You actually decide to use one build. The warrior probably was not meant to swap that often between all of the available weapons. Engineer does not even have in-combat swap. (Before not too long ago we did not even have the option to equip a 2nd weapon set.) We have kits - and can't just change them in combat. (Also a different build required. Though from the skill change button they can be changed faster - since the inventory is not involved.)

 If they changed something ... it would probably mean a lot of work. (Due to "spaghetti code".) Would need to make sure it always is only an option that is available outside of combat only. (For in combat it would offer too much utility to be able to swap between many stuff.) And then needing some extra slot(s) or checking the inventory. Probably checking the inventory (for weapons if you wanted to add an option for this.) The weapons should still need to use inventory space - if not used in the regular slots of an equipmen template.

For the relics I could see them making a belt-like (like in some games where you equip health potions in a belt for quick access) option where you could eqip a few (3 or 5 maybe - legendary lets you select freely 3 or 5 out of all the available). Then allowing for swapping in combat between them.

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